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Volunteers are a vital part of any charity and this Branch is always in need of people who are willing to help us in their spare time, whether it is for a few hours every now and again or a few hours every week.   Whatever time you can give we will be very grateful.

If you are passionate about animals and if you are interested in helping a local charity whose funds are dedicated to help local animals in need, please consider getting in touch with us.

We are a friendly Branch with friendly staff and volunteers and you will always be made to feel welcome, whatever role you choose to take on.



  Volunteer Drivers  
Event Fundraisers   Charity Shop Assistants
  Home Visitors  
Cat & Kitten Fosterers   Cat Cuddlers & Cat Carriers
  Branch Volunteer Group  


Volunteer Drivers


Volunteer Drivers are a new addition to our Volunteer workforce and are needed to help our staff with some routine journeys when we are occasionally needed to collect or deliver various items eg pet food to a family or Animal Centre, or a cat trap to a particular location, or perhaps deliver a rabbit to a boarding establishment.  In the main, journeys will be local within our Branch area, but occasionally a trip may be further afield.

We would hope you can be as flexible as possible about your availability but on applying you can let us have your availability times. Any time you will be able to spare will be greatly appreciated.
Pet food that had to be delivered to our storage facility following RSPCA Week collections outside Tesco.
CC1 If you do not feel comfortable at the thought of transporting an animal unknown to you please indicate that when applying.

You will need to have your own reliable transport for which we will cover mileage at a standard rate (plus any other agreed expenses).
For more information, including how to apply, please read the Role Outline

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Home Visitors

This is a key role in the rehoming process as the RSPCA does not rehome any pet without a visit to the potential adopter’s home to assess the suitability of the home and the location.  Home visits are carried out by volunteers on behalf of animals being rehomed mainly by this branch or the local RSPCA Animal Centres.

The rewarding part of this role is that every adoption that completes successfully has to be followed up a few weeks later to confirm everything is going well.
Home Visitor, Vivienne, carrying out a home check for a potential cat adopter.
Ellie, 6 wks after adoption showing how content and at home she is with her new family.
You will return and see the pet you helped in the process of rehoming, now settled in his or her new home.

Full training is provided prior to starting as a Home Visitor.
For more information, including how to apply, please read the Role Outline

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Event Fundraisers

This is a vital and key role in this Branch and, as such, we are always looking for more fundraisers to give us the capacity to do more.

There’s a variety of different ways to help with raising funds for us and if you are passionate about helping animals; enjoy meeting people; are happy to engage with members of the public whilst representing the RSPCA and, in particular, this Branch, then there may well be a fundraising role that will suit you.  In the main we need people who are willing to help run a stall at a local Organiser’s event and that can vary greatly from an indoor charity market to an outdoor Christmas Festival; or attending a Dog Show selling pet products.  Alternatively it could be to take part in an event organised by ourselves like our Summer Fayre or Quiz Night.

By expanding our team of Event Fundraisers we can do more in the local community, which not only raises much-needed funds but helps to raise awareness of our Branch.
Emily, collecting for us outside Tesco during RSPCA Week.
Hartley Wintney Festival 2014 – Our staff and volunteers enjoying themselves at our RSPCA Fun Dog Show.
Whilst we currently have a number of defined fundraising roles we are always willing to consider other opportunities.  So for example, if you are a keen Car Boot Sale goer you may be willing to undertake a car boot sale of collected items from our shops?  Or perhaps you’re a great cyclist and want to undertake a long distance sponsored cycle ride and raise donations for us through JustGiving?  Just because it’s not on our list it doesn’t mean that we’re not receptive to your ideas!

No prior knowledge of fundraising is needed but you must be happy to deal with members of the public and be willing to roll up your sleeves and help set up and pack away stall equipment and stock at an event and accept you may be on your feet for most of the day!

To get a good idea of the types of fundraising roles currently available, please click here.
For more information, including how to apply, please read the Role Outline

If you are interested in finding out more in an informal setting why not consider putting your name down for one of our Branch Volunteer Group Induction evenings?  Click here for more details.

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Charity Shop Assistants - Farnham, North Camp and Ash Vale

Our three very successful charity shops are always busy and well supported with lots of donations and lots of customers!  We need volunteers willing to work hard and get stuck into helping with sorting and processing donations and serving our customers.
Inside Farnham shop, looking spic and span!
Ash Vale shop’s Valentine window
Volunteers are a vital part of the success of our shops and we need people who can spare 3-4 hours once a week (or more if you wish) and to be part of a friendly team in any one of our three shops.  You will receive full training and support from the Shop Manager and it is a chance to meet people, have some fun and know that you are helping to raise funds for local needy animals.
For more information, including how to apply, please read the Role Outline

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Cat & Kitten Fosterers

Fostering is a responsible but rewarding job and we are always looking for people willing to become a fosterer and take care of rescued cats, nursing mums and kittens or just kittens in their own home on a temporary basis whilst we find them new homes.

Although we have our cattery where most of our cats are well cared for, there are some cats that need to be in a home environment.  They may be recovering from an injury or illness, they may be young cats or kittens under the age of 6 months or we might have pregnant cats that will soon produce a litter of kittens and cannot be properly cared for in a cattery.  Occasionally we will have an elderly cat who would not adjust well to cattery life so we try to give them a foster home too during their stay with us.
Spot the cat!  Bruce, enjoying the luxuries that a foster home brings.  This was a comfy place to while away a few hours tucked up with some cuddly toys!
CFK2 Kitten Fosterers are always needed and this requires a slightly different commitment to fostering an adult cat.  Firstly, the fosterer needs to be at home all day to supervise and interact with young kittens.  Once weaned they need regular feeding and regular input and they will be with you for at least 8 weeks, possibly longer.  You must be dedicated to their care and able to supply the right environment in your home to suit a family of felines.  You also have to be able to let them go when adoption time comes and that is not always easy!

We cover all associated expenses of being a fosterer including all food, litter, toys, equipment, mileage for vet trips etc.

If you have experience with cats and would be interested in finding out more, then please contact Geraldine on 07880 547 502 or email  rehoming@rspcahantsandsurreyborder.org.uk

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Cattery Cat Cuddlers & Cat Carriers

Our rescue cats that are kept in our cattery whilst waiting to be rehomed need the companionship and stimulation of kind cat loving people to visit them on a regular basis.  We run morning and afternoon shifts 7 days a week so that no cat is left alone without human input for very long.

Our Cat Cuddlers do a tremendous job helping to socialise or stabilise a cat that has been through a rough time. Some come to us semi-feral and are terrified of people, but with patience and the right input, over time they come round and realise people aren’t that bad after all!
Phil enjoying his cat cuddling time with Stirling.
CCC2 We are always grateful for amateur photographers who are happy to take photos or videos of our boarding cats as part of the process of providing what is needed for our website Rehoming page and Facebook.  If you think this is something you would be keen to offer, you should mention it at the time of your application to check if we have a need at that time for that sort of help.

This is a very rewarding voluntary role, especially for any animal lover and cat lovers in particular.

Please note:  This is always a popular position so please do not be disappointed to find out you will have to put your name down on a waiting list until a shift becomes available.

If you have experience with cats and would be interested in finding out more, then please contact Geraldine on 07880 547 502 or email  rehoming@rspcahantsandsurreyborder.org.uk

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Cat Carriers

Pearl on her way for a routine vaccination.
As a Volunteer Cat Carrier this can be standalone position or as part of being a Cat Cuddler.  The role is to provide transport at pre-arranged times, to and from routine veterinary appointments for our rescue cats that are boarding in our cattery.  You will never be asked to transport a very ill or badly injured cat.

You will need to be experienced and confident in handling cats and understand that this is a very responsible role as the cat is in your sole care for all of the time it is away from the cattery.

Any expenses and mileage driven are reimbursed.

If you are interested in knowing more about this role please contact Geraldine on 07880 547 502 or email her at rehoming@rspcahantsandsurreyborder.org.uk 

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Branch Volunteer Group


BVG1 All our volunteers are encouraged to be part of our Branch Volunteer Group (BVG).  At intervals we hold BVG Induction Evenings when any existing volunteer or anyone thinking about joining or wanting to know more about our Branch and the RSPCA in general, can come along to one of our meetings (without obligation).

It is a chance to meet like-minded people who care about animals and find out about how you could help us.

To put your name down on the list for the next induction, please email Joy at admin@rspcahantsandsurreyborder.org.uk or phone her on 07579 001 459


If you love animals and care about their wellbeing, then be part of something worthwhile by helping us to raise funds and do ‘your bit’ to make animals’ lives that much better.


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